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If you're looking for work in 2012 is this year going to be any improvement at all on 2011?

This week I invited our active candidates into the office for a cuppa and some advice on putting their CV together. I offered them some free help on their interview skills and a chance to talk through with us how we can help refine their search, how we can help them more to find work (relevant work if at all possible, or work for now if they're in need of earning some money). There will, unfortunately, be some people that we are unable to help, I recognise that, but I'm in the recruitment sector because I want to help people get it right. I absolutely believe that people sometimes need a little bit of help and support to be their best.

Our Coffee Clubs run on the first Monday of each month and have been a great success. We've had some really positive feedback and people have appreciated our spending some time with them, sometimes its just been a case of helping them to build a bit of confidence. The last few years have, after all, affected most of us in some way shape or form.

This month I received an email in response that caused me to doubt myself and to wonder if my offer of help is misguided. In summary it read:

2012 will be no different to 2011. There is no work out there. Get in the real World.

I have met and interviewed thousands of people over 15 years of business and I have only ever came across one person that I had no where to go with. No constructive help I could offer them whatsoever. They had no transport, no desire to do anything other than was set in their mind, no idea for an alternative career path, no childcare available, they weren't on a bus route, had no perceived support around them and no inclination to use any initiative.

This is significant to me. I've undertaken a lot of learning of late and I know that what I have always felt in my bones is right. We decide what World to live in. We decide how to view each day; whether we'll be able to make a difference to our situation, whether we'll talk to people and be open minded enough to accept some help and guidance towards our end goal.

There are jobs available for those people that decide to make a difference to their lives. To spruce up their skills, their outlook or their circumstances. Some people will get to work even if they can't afford their own transport. Some people will seek out grants, support or guidance to make it happen for them. I try to help everyone. Even if I can't offer them a role right now I aim to give them every assistance in pointing them in the right direction, or sometimes, by just giving them some time.

Am I wrong to keep working towards my end objective or should I just give up, throw the towel in, not look outside the box. I don't think so!

Dissatisfaction x Vision + First Steps > Resistance.

We have to be dissatisfied enough and have enough of a vision to take our first steps toward change. If our resistance to change is big enough we won't move forward. Rather sit and deny or blame. I know which type of person I'd rather employ.

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