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Milestone Birthdays R us

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We've had rather an exciting year this year for celebrations. 2011 has seen three of us in the office reaching Milestone birthdays!!!

You may have noticed the banners and cake in the office when you've been in. Each of us has been busy making 2011 memorable in different ways.

Jenny has turned 50, and has been enjoying 50 mad "experiences". So far, she's traveled to Iceland, Undertaken a midnight Walk for Cotswold Care Hospice, completed The Race for Life with her daughter (Katie Smith of X Factor fame) and had her feet nibbled by Garra fish fish to name but a few. She has 18 more experiences to find before 2011 is out, ideas on a postcard would be appreciated....

I've been trying to extend my birthday (40) for as long as I can and recently enjoyed a 5 day birthday spectacular. I'd recommend it to anyone (think I'll have another one next year)! I've done the midnight walk for Cotswold Care Hospice, had my feet nibbled... and I'm really looking forward to the next challenge.

Andy (30) has been enjoying some well deserved breaks with family and friends this year (its very rare for Andy to have organised holidays). He is usually the one to leave the office on Christmas Eve and race out to buy pressies but I'm certain he'll be more prepared this year (!) Andy, being the only male to have a big birthday in the office this year was particularly hard to buy for. I'm not sure what his family ended up buying him but we asked and asked and eventually had to end up with an old faithful. No.... we avoided socks or a jumper.

We were looking to climax in the last quarter of the year. We wanted to do something challenging, rewarding and memorable... and then Jenny (along with Cotswold Care Hospice) came up with the idea of Fire Walking!

So, we've registered (and committed) to undertake the walk on November 5th. There will be 4 of us undertaking the challenge (apparently its something Martin has always wanted to do) and what better way to raise some money for a hardworking and local charity such as The Cotswold Care Hospice. There will be an afternoon of family fun no doubt to relax us before the walk commences at 7.30pm.

I am not (yet) fearful as I know we can do anything we set our minds to. This year has involved a lot of work Its been a year of consolidation and success and we've all shown our metal. I am very proud of my team and I know they will take on this next challenge with the same vigor and enthusiasm.

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We'll let you know how we get on !

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