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Why the candidate didn't accept your job offer

You've advertised, short-listed, undertaken interviews, offered and..... it's a no (thank you, but no thank you).

It may, of course, be a case of a job coming along that paid more, or based more locally, or gave more opportunity for career progression. It does happen, although I usually find

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How to ace as an interviewer

Time and time again we meet candidates who have been sourced, interviewed, reference checked and short listed by us only to hear post interview “I think I did ok but I didn’t get a chance to say a lot”.

It is often said that people are our most valuable resource and yet sometimes we invest

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The youth of today

I've been to several youth orientated events recently and met a young lady at Skillsfest (Gloucester Rugby ground) who really has her head screwed on; She stood out in a crowd of 1,700 young people as she made eye contact, was keen and asked questions. She had retail, childcare and kitchen work on her cv - some employers offering office based work wouldn't have looked at her - but she had the x factor ..... along with an understated confidence and great interpersonal skills.

I invited her to join us for a weeks work experience and what do you know? She fitted in so well we don't want to lose her. She is keen to grasp the opportunity with both hands, ready to take notes, confident and extremely savvy in how to wow my team and I.

I'm now on the journey to put together an apprenticeship programme for her and hope that the timing and the training being offered will fit.

I'll keep you updated on how we navigate through the process. ...

1999: a blast from the past!

newspaper cutting for Shell LivewireIt has been 13 years since First Base Employment and I represented Gloucestershire in the regional finals of the Shell LiveWIRE Business Start Up awards.

I remember being exceptionally nervous but extremely excited, standing alongside companies that seemed to have achieved so much more than

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falling out of love with recruiters

You only need to Google “recruitment” and “image” or “perception” to find a raft of articles about companies which have fallen out of love with their employment agencies.

The recurring feeling is that some agencies don’t actually add value to the clients – often charging

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Positivity, determination and attitude

If you're looking for work in 2012 is this year going to be any improvement at all on 2011?

This week I invited our active candidates into the office for a cuppa and some advice on putting their CV together. I offered them some free help on their interview skills and a chance to talk through

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career planning and reminiscences!

When I was considering my options for my A levels (when there were no cash machines, sky TV or DVD players) I wrote to a local business and stated that I wanted to be a bilingual secretary - I asked the Personnel Manager at the time which subjects he would advise I take. It was an old school

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Find the best people for your business

Where do you start? What skills, qualifications and experience do they need? What gives that candidate sat in front of you the X Factor?

After 16 years in this business I’m not certain it can be that clearly defined. You just sort of “know” if you see the right person sat in front of

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how to recruit?

So you have made the decision to recruit a member of staff, but what for?

Lets face it; If it’s a short project to get a specific task done its probably likely that you can make some time to verbally instruct the person who’ll be doing the work, and supervise them closely enough to make sure they’re doing the work to plan. But what if you haven’t got the time to train them in any detail after the first day and you can’t commit to supervising them on an ongoing basis.

I recently worked with a company who had been established for a number of years, had a core of 20 staff and a seasonal usage of 150 temps for labour. They didn’t have a job description (nor a contract of employment – but that’s another blog post) and had had all sorts of problems with staff retention.

There are employment law issues to consider here, but at grass roots level, how can you expect someone to function well in a given job without detailed information on all aspects of the role. They need to know where they’ll be working, what times they’ll be working, what lunch breaks they are entitled to and what functions they are to perform.

If there’s no information readily available to them, how can they do the job properly, how can you manage their performance in the role and how can you recruit another individual to do the same job role? (and be confident it’s the same role).
Something to think about isn’t it? A bit of time invested up front to make sure you have a job description for every role being performed in your business will ensure you get the right members of staff doing the right things.

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